Our Story

I started hand stamping and selling my products online though my Etsy shop. I had just joined the community a year earlier, and quickly found out how huge the marketplace was.

Soon after setting up shop in late June 2013, I realized I was on to something. Not only were my items selling, I was excited and loving creating each piece. Over the years I have developed my skills, upgraded my equipment, and as scary as it was, in 2017, I re-branded and expanded.

So... What is Hand Stamping?

Simply put, I use hammer and metal stamps to make an impression of a design or letter in a piece of metal. Every piece is hand stamped to order one letter or design at a time, making them one of a kind. It's just me and my hand tools.

My current setup includes this 1 pound brass hammer and 6" steel bench block. This large metal stamp is one of many I have, and each have there own unique method to getting that perfect impression. This doesn't include the mass amounts of pliers, other hammers, sanding blocks, files, and other tools of the trade.

Some are truly one hit wonders, as I seem to never be able to replicate it again, while others are classic and customer favorites I can enjoy creating again and again. This is my full time job. I love it, and I hope to continue it for as long as I can stay creative. Thank you for stopping by and shopping handmade.