Link or Zelda Hand Stamped Rings
Appalachian Hammer

Link or Zelda Hand Stamped Rings

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Link or Zelda Hand Stamped Rings

It's dangerous to go alone, take these!

• Rings are 1/4 Inch Wide
• Made with Aluminum
• Sizes are adjustable
• Rings are sold individually

Please see FAQs for details about our process, materials, shipping, gifts, and more.

Hand Stamping

Hand Stamping is the use of a hammer with metal design stamps and letters to create impressions onto a piece of metal. Each stamp is machine tooled, creating different styles of images, letters, or numbers. Using a hammer, metal stamp, and steel bench block, I align my jewelry blank on the block, align the metal stamp on the blank, and strike it with the hammer. This quite literally smacks the design into the metal, creating an impression. I do this for each and every letter, number, punctuation, or design.

Letter/design alignment and depth will vary one to the next. This is not considered a defect, but part of the handmade process. I do try to get every piece straight and even as possible, but variations will occur.

It is not engraving. Engraving is a different process that is either machine made, or by hand with an engraving tool. It takes away metal to create the design.


Aluminum has a much lower skin reaction than with sterling silver. Aluminum does not tarnish or rust. It will not turn your skin green. It will polish to a brilliant shine, and is soft enough to adjust easily. I use both 1100 and 3003 Aluminum, all made in the USA. All metals are nickel and lead free.

Brass and Copper

Both Brass and Copper are metals that will naturally oxidize, or patina, over time. This will result in beautiful shades of green, black, browns, or reds. Allowing nature to take its course, this will continue for as long as you do not polish or clean the metal. I will provide a polishing cloth sample with any brass or copper order. Using this cloth will polish up the metal to a like new shine. It will turn the cloth black over time, but you will get many, many uses out of it. These metals may turn some individuals skin a greenish tint if worn for long periods of time. When not in use, I also include an anti-tarnish tab, up 6 months use, to store with your cuff to slow down the oxidation process. All metals are nickel and lead free.


Although aluminum, brass, and copper will not rust, the lettering will fade if exposed to chemicals, including soap, and slowly fade away. The stamping will still be there, but the coloring will be gone. You can remedy this with a simple permanent marker, or leave it colorless for a classy look.

Wire Wrapping

All wire wrapped pieces are made to order. Each pendant/earring is unique. I try to match each pair of earrings as closely as possible. Variations in the way the wire is wrapped is going to occur due to being handmade. This is not considered a flaw.

Wire jewelry requires little maintenance. Every piece will come with a anti tarnish tab to use when your jewelry is in storage, these are good for 6 month, and a polishing cloth. Avoid contact with water, oils, chemicals, and dyes. This includes makeup and soap. If cleaning is required, avoid over the counter jewelry cleaners, and stick to the polishing cloth. If there is dirt in the wire, use a soft bristle nylon brush (a tooth brush is great!), and gently sweep away the debris. Avoid extreme hot to cold temperatures as this will crack the glass pieces.

This is all precautionary measures. As long as you wear your jewelry normally, keep it dry, and store it safely when not in use, your jewelry will last a very long time.


At checkout you will have 2 options for shipping, First Class or Priority Mail. Each are services provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Once an item is shipped, shipping fees are non refundable.

United States Residents:
First Class is the standard method, taking any where from 3-10 days for delivery depending up your location. If you choose Priority Mail, USPS guarantees delivery within 3 days. All orders come with tracking. Lost packages are handled by USPS, but I will do what I can to help. First Class does not come with insurance coverage, only tracking. Priority Mail users will have full coverage in the case of loss, theft, or damage.

International Residents:
First Class is the cheapest option for international shipping. Delivery times will vary depending upon customs, country, and import taxes. Typical time for delivery is 2 weeks, but can take up to 8 weeks in remote locations. I no longer ship to Mexico as delivery is inconsistent and packages are more often lost than delivered.
Please be aware of your country's import tax rates. I will not be held responsible for import taxes. I will not mark items as "Gifts" as this is illegal. Although it rarely happens, if your order becomes lost in your country, I can no longer help you track it. Tracking only works while your package is in the United States, rarely does it track in other countries, such as the UK, Italy, or Germany. Once a package leaves the United States, I am unable to assist in locating a package, or provide reimbursement.

Production Time

This is the time it takes me to create an item. This does not include delivery time. Generally most orders are shipped out within 7 to 10 business days of purchase. I do not ship on Saturday, Sunday, or any holiday USPS is closed. My local Post Office closes at 4pm EST.
During peak times of the year, around the Christmas Holiday Season (November through December), delivery times will increase. I can say with confidence, your order will be out within 2 weeks (10-14 business days) of purchase at any given time of the year. I reserve the right to change this estimate as needed without notice.

Custom Orders

Almost anything in my shop can be customized. You can send me an email at for more information and instructions on how to order. Simple requests (add a name, initial, date, etc) can be left in the notes box at checkout.


I am upgrading my shipping methods. All orders will come in a box, not bubble mailer. Orders will come with a simple gift bag, tissue wrap, and paper box filling. I hope this new method will create a wonderful one of a kind unboxing for you!

I never send a receipt with an order. My logo, shop name, and url will appear on your packaging and shipping box. This is unavoidable.

Exchanges and Refunds

In the event an item arrives and you are not satisfied, or simply need to exchange sizes, this can be done so within 14 days of the delivery date marked on your tracking number. Please contact me first so I know to look for your return. Refunds are not eligible for sale items, custom orders, or bulk wholesale orders. Refunds are generally on a case by case basis. Refunds will not be given to products damaged outside of normal delivery circumstances, refusal upon delivery, or becoming lost in transit.  If you package is lost, I will help locate it if at all possible. Please contact me for Exchanges or Refunds at Upon purchasing you are agreeing to my shops Terms and Policies.

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